Grid Integration Pilots

GTG-RISE Initiative

Central to GTG, is the design, implementation, and scaling of a series of prioritized innovation pilots that support the integration of RE into the grid. As part of the GTG-RISE Initiative, successful deployment and scale-up of these pilot solutions will offer new market opportunities for innovative technologies, solutions and services. The pilots will be supported by other GTG components such as integration studies and analytical support by NREL and capacity building of key stakeholders through partnerships with United States Energy Association (USEA) and National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC). In consultation with key GOI stakeholders, RISE has identified six grid integration pilots. Each of these pilots, tests the validity of a critical approach to reduce barriers to integrating RE into the power grid at scale. These pilots shall be designed and implemented with technical assistance (TA) and grant support under GTG-RISE. These grid integration pilots are as follows:

GTG-RISE Grid Integration Pilots

1) Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) in Transmission: To be implemented in collaboration with the Central Transmission Utility, the facility will test the techno-economic effectiveness of grid connected BESS in providing balancing energy services, other ancillary services, deferring network upgrades, capacity firming of Variable Renewable Energy (VRE) generators, peak shaving, etc. This pilot will also contribute to interconnection standards for grid connecting BESS and for estimating the systemic value of storage in the Indian power system, necessary to devise policies and regulations supporting deployment of BESS.
Stakeholders: PGCIL, POSOCO and Puducherry Electricity Department (PED).Read More

2) Flexible Power Generation: Integration studies under GTG have revealed the criticality of thermal based units in India for providing balancing support through flexing. This pilot shall be undertaken with a central sector power generation utility and a state sector power generation utility to identify and implement strategies for achieving high ramp rates and low technical minimums in order to identify scalable measures for adoption across the coal fleets in the country.
Stakeholders: Gujarat State Energy Corporation Limited (GSECL), NTPC and CERC.Read More

3) Automatic Generation Control (AGC): A pilot on evaluating AGC in providing secondary response in Southern India would provide insights for the planned adoption of AGC for ancillary market operation. The pilot shall cover conventional and renewable power plants and will identify both technical requirements as well as compensation mechanisms for the generation units which participate in AGC secondary reserve market.
Stakeholders: Karnataka Power Corporation Limited (KPCL), Karnataka State Load Despatch Center (SLDC), Southern Regional Load Despatch Centre (SRLDC),
Wind and Solar Developers
Read More

4) Regional platform for reserves sharing: This pilot shall test and implement a platform and mechanisms for day-ahead and intra-day sharing of reserves between utilities in a region as a test case for adoption of regulations enabling operation of larger balancing areas to enable more effective RE integration. The outcome of the pilot shall provide the framework guidelines for regional coordination and adoption of commercial mechanisms for sharing of reserves.
Stakeholders: State level utilities and Load Despatch Centers in Southern Region, Southern Regional Power Committee (SRPC) and FOR

CERC- Read More  NOAR- Read More

5) Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) in Distribution : The pilot focuses on supporting a private distribution company (BRPL), in designing, justifying and implementing a distribution network level deployment of BESS. BRPL is planning to deploy a 10 MW BESS for managing the distribution network congestion and to reduce peak power purchase requirements along with other incidental benefits to the distribution system. Under the program, NREL is providing technical support to BRPL on the assessment of BESS effectiveness at distribution level considering feeder load, line congestions, Distribution Transformer (DT) capacity/overloading, Right of Way (RoW) and network losses. GTG-RISE will further support BRPL in obtaining regulatory approval and in implementing the BESS pilot through a competitive process.
Stakeholders: BSES Rajdhani Power Limited (BRPL) and Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC)Read More

6) Dynamic Compensation for Large Solar Park Integration: To be undertaken in partnership with a state transmission utility, the pilot shall involve detailed system studies to evaluate integration of a large solar park and to identify specific dynamic compensation measures including design enhancements to inverters and deployment of grid level compensation such as STATCOMs. The outcome of the pilot shall be to provide insights on development of guidelines and enhancements to standards for dynamic compensation and inverter specifications with reference to reactive power control and power quality aspects.
Stakeholders: Rajasthan Vidyut Prasaran Nigam Limited (RVPNL), Rajasthan State Load Dispatch Centre (SLDC), Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation Limited (RRECL), Solar Developers, and PGCILRead More