Industry Advisory Council (IAC)


The Industry Advisory Council (IAC) is conceived as a convening forum for organizations with interests in renewable energy in India and the U.S. with a view to share information, knowledge and expertise and cooperate to achieve Greening the Grid’s mutually beneficial objectives. The initiative will support overall private sector participation in Renewable Energy development with particular focus on grid integration of variable renewable energy. A key element of IAC will be development of a Business to Business (B2B) database that will facilitate peer to peer exchanges and gather necessary interests and information.

Under the USAID’s GTG Program, the central component is the Renewable Integration and Sustainable Energy (RISE) Initiative that focuses on the implementation of the pilot projects, which are multi-implementer work programs aimed at testing and evaluating building blocks to improve renewable energy (RE) integration in India’s state and national power grids. The IAC will support GTG-RISE in this effort recognizing the strong interest of the private sector to contribute to India’s target of 175GW of renewable energy in the power system.


Objectives of IAC

The IAC aims to leverage public and private sector business resources in both the U.S. and India to promote commercially viable solutions for the integration of variable RE into the power grid. It will work in close partnership with both the U.S. and Indian Government agencies to provide coordinated private sector support in achieving its objectives.The key objectives and functions of IAC are listed below:
Iac Objective

Structure of IAC

IAC would be a public-private industry council with representation from relevant private and public sector firms including producers, manufacturers, service providers, financiers, utilities, industry bodies and associations. It will be formed as an independent council hosted under a prominent trade chamber for synergizing U.S. – India economic engagement.

IAC will work closely with the U.S. and Indian government and partner agencies to achieve the objective of GTG-RISE initiative. The members will have a shared commitment to develop an ecosystem for collaboration and partnership for activities which help to promote trade through mutually agreed goals. The IAC would organize into working groups based on the number of members and the level of interest generated in any of the technical solution areas aligned to the overall grid integration objective.

Structure of iac

Key Activities

  • Organizing technology solution exhibitions, boot camps, workshops, etc. for integration of RE into the grid.
  • Organizing round-table stakeholder discussions on barriers to RE grid integration such as technology requirements, enabling policy and regulatory frameworks, etc.
  • Publishing white papers and contributing to GTG newsletters on contemporary topics related to RE grid integration.
  • Issuing Indo-U.S. business news magazine to provide awareness on market opportunities and strategies.
  • Assisting U.S. government agencies and trade associations in organizing trade missions, reverse trade missions and technology exhibitions.
  • Partnering with other industry associations to promote integration of RE into the grid.

Member Benefits

  • Knowledge sharing platform to showcase their products and seek business associations.
  • To be part of the GTG RISE Pilot Review Board (PRB) and interact with counterpart government agencies to strategize implementation roadmap and scaling up of pilots.
  • Opportunities to participate in the GTG-RISE pilots.
  • Participation and networking opportunities in the peer exchanges and trade mission sessions organized by GTG partners.
  • Receive market updates and industry actins through means of peer exchanges, newsletters, discussions, interactions with government agencies, etc.
  • Regular engagement and representation with Central and State Governments on various industry issues related to grid integration of RE.
  • Advocacy with governments on behalf of Indian and American companies on policies and trade related matters.
  • Provide visibility and promotion for companies in events such as exhibitions, trade fairs, inbound and outbound delegation both in India and USA.
  • Provide opportunities for members to share their eminence through articles, whitepapers, etc.; also receive direct business enquiries through online directory and a B2B database.

How can you be part of IAC
For joining IAC or additional information:
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Energy & Infrastructure
U.S.- India Strategic Partnership Forum
12, Hailey Road, New Delhi-110001
Ph: +91 9560-191-291