Real-time Monitoring of Rooftop Solar Photovoltaic (PV) and Net Load Forecasting for Distribution Companies (DISCOMs)

Real-time Monitoring

GTG stakeholders have identified net load forecasting as a critical activity because of India’s large solar PV rooftop installation target. Stakeholders consider a pilot to improve distribution utilities’ net load forecasting to be a high priority. Net load forecasting includes precise load and RE forecasting, as well as real-time Distributed Energy Resource (DER) monitoring to improve forecast accuracy. GTG-RISE will implement a net load forecasting pilot for distribution utilities that will include real-time DER monitoring.

The pilot’s technical scope includes short-term load forecasting using sophisticated tools that incorporate weather data and recent load patterns, as well as real-time DER monitoring, using smart metering technologies at solar PV installations. The pilot will assist a state-owned discom to procure and implement net load (i.e. net of DER generation) forecasting systems in coordination with Renewable Energy Management Centres (REMC)/SLDC. The pilot will also provide inputs to CEA and FOR to help harmonize net-metering for DERs/prosumers with smart meters for consumers. The Bangalore Electricity Supply Company (BESCOM) will invest in missing grid-level measurement infrastructure as well as IT hardware required to implement the pilot.

In view of India’s large-scale targets for rooftop PV deployment and the implementation of Deviation Settlement Mechanism at the intra-state level, this pilot has high potential for replicability. The pilot will also provide inputs that can be used to upgrade guidelines on metering, communication and rooftop PV and net load forecasting.

GTG-RISE has held discussions with BESCOM on pilot initiation. BESCOM is eager to move the pilot forward.